Sattva deals with wide range of issues related to civil law. This involves the issues pertaining to the relationship between persons and organizations. It contains a wide variety of legal matters, including that of contract, tort, probate and trusts. More specifically, civil law covers disputes that range from employment to professional negligence and from education to property respectively. Sattva deals with the following areas of practice Administrative law, appellate practice, Adoption, Arbitration and Conciliation, Banking Matters, Environmental Law, Deeds, Real Estate Laws and other Business Agreements.

1. Public Interest Litigation :-

With the emergence of the political watershed in 1976 in India, Judiciary has also witnessed a great change in protecting the interest in the public at large. Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is a right given to the members of the public to maintain an action for judicial redressal of public injury. Sattva Legal Associates represents the causes of public interests. A commitment to public service has always remained as a core of the culture of Sattva. It provides legal services to many social organizations as well as to the civil society and represents the matters which are the concerns of society at large for the benefit of masses. Sattva takes a step forward in protecting the fundamental rights as well as legal rights of the people who are poor, weak, ignorant of redressal mechanism or otherwise in a disadvantageous position, due to social or economic background.

2. Service/Labour Matters :-

Labour Laws is a body of laws, rules as well as regulations which addresses the relationship among the employers, employees and the labour organizations. Labour Laws and Service Laws are often interchangeable in the usage which leads to a bit confusion. Labour laws are different from the employment/service laws  which deals only with employment contracts and issues regarding to employment and workplace discrimination and other private law issues. Employment/Service Law covers a broader area of Labour Laws. Sattva Legal Associates provides quality services in the matters pertaining to the service/Labour Laws which includes various provisions pertaining to enactments such as Industrial Dispute Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Factories Act, Trade Union Act etc. Sattva contests legal matters before the Labour Court/Industrial Tribunals. Central Administrative Tribunal as well as before the Labour Commissioner. It deals with the petitions in Service matters before the court of law.

3. Family Matters :-

Sattva Legal Associates deals with all kinds of family matters including doing out of court mutual settlement especially in family matters. Sattva deals with varied problems related to family disputes like filing and defending family disputes, dowry harassment issues, family counselling, domestic violence as well as registration of marriage. Sattva believes in preserving the relations made in heaven and hence focuses primarily on providing conciliation services to the parties.

4. Property Matters :-

Property disputes / estate disputes are the most typical as well as sensitive branch in the civil law. The property disputes and remedies related therewith are not easily available unless you put your best services into it to protect the interest of the parties. The property disputes becomes more sensitive and the matter of great caution. Sattva ensures its client that he will get the justice withing the minimum stipulated time which will also avoid any kind of day to day harassment. It provides best legal solutions to the parties and resolve the property matters where its clients gets utmost satisfaction.

5. Civil Suits :-

Sattva Legal Associates takes care of all kinds of civil suits which may deals with the recovery of money, reconciliation, debt collection and so on. It deals with all kinds of civil matters both at district courts as well as Civil litigations at the High Court. Sattva believes in only the legal way of debt collection. This collection of debt is what is against the use of muscle procedures or other modes of illegal handling of matters which stands against the law and order.

6. Consumer Matters :-

Sattva Legal Assoiaton believes in the protection of rights of the consumers so as to give them security under the existing system. Sattva takes care of the interests of the consumers and in India the legal provision dealing with the rights of consumers is the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Sattva represents the legal matters pertaining to the consumers at all its three tier machinery, i.e at the District Forums , State Forum as well as at the National Commission. The provision covers matters related to all goods as well as services with deficiency in quality or quantity or excess price charged or partly paid and partly unpaid or such contract has been entered into for the same.

7. Environment Matters :-

India is one of the nation throughout the world where to protect as well as improve the environment is a constitutional mandate. To protect this constitutional the legislators have enacted various laws and the Court of law has also framed guidelines so as to protect the environment. Sattva deals on the parameters where it takes up the responsibility to take care of the environment. The recent issues related to green house effect because of carbon emission, water pollution, air pollution as well as noise pollution is what is being dealt by the Sattva legal Associates.