About Us

The word "Sattva" is a Sanskrit word which refers to wisdom and purity which leads to true enlightenment. Sattva Legal Associates, a leading legal association, has its office situated in Jammu and Kashmir (India) dealing with Civil matters, Criminal matters and Corporate matters in Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi.

Sattva Legal Associate offers its clients a constructive approach to reach out solutions to their problems in diverse areas of practice. It works closely with each client to understand the practical aspects of the client's business. In this way, the firm is able to analyze client's problems commercially and provide practical advice and services. Sattva Legal Associates skills are particularly suited to the need of those who demand quick and specialized professional services. In summation, Sattva Legal Associates provides bulge-bracket service in a boutique setting, where each client gets satisfied services from the professional expertise.

Sattva Legal Associates is one of its own kind premier legal Institution of legal experts in the state of J&K. Its doors are always open for those who seeks justice. It strongly believes in the dictum "Above all things is Justice. Success is good,honour is better, but Justice excels all that". It believes in providing the best quality services without taking any shortcuts in providing the reliefs to its clients.

Sattva Legal Associates assures the maintenance of the secrecy of each and every of its client's cases as well as of privileged communications.The sanctity of the fiduciary relationship between the client and his advocate shall be maintained by the Sattva Legal Associates.The office strictly adheres the professional ethics of Advocacy and shall refrain from any kind of unethical or otherwise unscrupulous acts for or against the clients.

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